Wednesday, April 18, 2012

African Daisy-filled Front Yard

During the months of Spring in Arizona there are houses upon houses with front yards filled with flowers. My house is one of those houses.

Nearly ten years ago I planted one one-gallon container of African Daisies. From that moment forward my front yard has been filled with orange and yellow blossoms from November through March.

What one must realize that if we want the weather that resembles Springtime weather - we must look to the months of November through March for this.

My front yard is once again a yard filled with crushed slate and thirsty Saguaro cactus. I also have the tall Ocotillo, the vibrant bougainvillea and the various Palo Verde trees.

I love living in the desert. It's warm, dry and it doesn't snow here.

The picture shown above was taken this past February when the flowers were at their peak.

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