Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthstone Hearts

This stained glass panel was hand-crafted for a friend of mine who is fortunate enough to have six healthy children.

My goal was to make a panel for her that she would cherish and would represent the closeness the family has toward one another.

The uneven lines running horizontal in this panel represent the ups and downs a family will experience in life. It also signifies many families coming together as one.

The vertical lines represent their faith in God and the love from their mother. The lines are strong, straight and unwavering.

The entire panel is surrounded with the color of the mother's birthstone. Just as in her family - she is surrounding her kids with her love.


Luvmy9 said...

Hi, i loved your art glass with the birthstones of each child. I am very interested. Would it be possible to do one that had nine children's birthstones, with four of them in Novemeber, two in april, one in may, one in June and one in July?

vickileigh said...

Thank You Elaine. I'd be happy to make a panel for you and your family. I'll sketch a pattern using the birthstone colors you mentioned and send it to you.