Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hole in the Rock

In the City of Phoenix is a local park which surrounds a landmark known as 'Hole in the Rock.' Papago Park hosts the Phoenix Zoo and the site of Hunts Tomb. I'll talk about all of that in another post.

This is a formation created between 6 - 15 million years ago in a series of small landslides slid from surrounding mountains.

Since its formation many years ago there has been much erosion from wind and water.

What we see today appears to be a small hill of red dirt with an opening near the top.

Apparently the Hohokam, early inhabitants of the region, used the hole to gauge time and seasons as the sunlight passed through the opening onto various boulders and markings on the ground.

This picture was taken in April, 2012 as a group of Swiss exchange students were visiting their sister city, Scottsdale.

As we were leaving the park I turned back to see the mound one more time. A young girl, who was eating lunch with us moments before, was standing in the opening for all to see. I snapped her picture as she conquered the hill.

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