Monday, October 1, 2007

Sneaky Allie

I have two little kitties living with me.

Allie - the simple-minded calico kitty who loves to snuggle, have her neck scratched and brings me lizards as gifts.

Bernie - her sister - is a very keen, sharp-minded kitty who loves to prowl around the backyard to keep enemies at bay and brings me three-inch pincher beetles as gifts.

Anyway - one late afternoon - when the bright Arizona sun was at the perfect angle for photographing - Bernie was sitting on the top of the tool shed in the back yard.

Allie was trying to sneak up on Bernie and try to scare her.

Well - nobody sneaks up on Bernie. She is to quick. She quickly ran away and hid under the lemon tree in hopes of Allie chasing her so they could play a quick game of tag before dinner.

Allie - in a state of confusion - simply stood on the roof trying to figure out what to do next.

Fortunately for me I had my camera in hand because the shadow that Allie was casting onto the exterior wall of my house was picture perfect.

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