Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stack of Cubes

This panel was not only very tedious to make but also very challenging.
The challenge was to get all of the purple pieces to match up like they are the top of a cube sitting on top of another cube.

Using lime green and dark avocado green glass to compliment the purple, I cut, ground, taped and soldered the pieces together to form an interesting glass puzzle for the eye.

It is a 32-piece stained glass panel which measures approximately 9" square.

Not only have I seen this pattern on various web sites used to confuse the eye - but I've seen it used in quilt patterns and drawings as well.

The interesting fact about the two photos shown above is that the first photo was taken indoors and the second was taken in the sunshine. It's amazing the difference a little sunlight can do to a piece of glass.

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