Saturday, June 9, 2007

Keyboard Pendant

As I was listening to my daughter play the piano one evening - my mind began to imagine an image of the black and white keyboard made from glass.

The pendant pictured above measures only 2" long by 5/8" wide. It has the markings of a keyboard with the large black keys nestled between the long white keys.

I simply cut tiny pieces of black glass noodles and stringers and placed them gently on a piece of cut white glass.

The glass is then carefully placed into the kiln where it is fired to a temperature of 1350*. This lower temperature is used in order to simply get the glass to tack itself together.

By tacking the glass together instead of completely fusing it together - the black keys are actually raised up a little higher than the white keys.


abbey753 said...

Vicki , This so cool , and very created love the new shape

vickileigh said...

Thank you.

It is always a very nice feeling to get a compliment from another glass artist.