Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Is That Me?

Is that me?
On the front page of the newspaper?
Above the fold?
Wow - I must be important!

Yes - Tyler is very important.

Today we celebrate a very momentous event in our son's life.

Today we celebrate his graduation from Coronado High School.

Tyler was the little boy who could overcome every hurdle that was placed in front of him.

He learned how to breath without his ventilator/respirator.

He learned how to talk and communicate with us.

He learned how to read his story books and play with his toys with minimal assistance.

He learned how to navigate his way through the house and torment his older sister.

He learned how to pull he kitty's tail just enough to make them angry.

He learned how to turn the T.V. on at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning because no one else was awake.

He has learned a lot of things in his years.

All of which were, according to professionals, never to happen because of his severe disabilities.

Shhhh - don't tell Tyler he can't do it.

He'll prove you wrong.


Pam Bennett said...

Congratulations Tyler!!!

Lis said...

Happy graduation Tyler!