Monday, May 14, 2007

When Does Four Become One?

As my 25th wedding anniversary approaches - I begin to wonder how time went by so quickly?

It seems like just yesterday I was on my honeymoon drinking margaritas on the beaches in Cabo San Lucas with my new husband.

Wasn't I just changing the diapers of the little red-headed girl who graduated from college two days ago?

I used to be the kindergarten mom who took cookies and cupcakes into the classroom for all the parties.

When did my new car become an old clunker?

Who put grey streaks in my brown hair?

Hmmmm - When does four become one?

Four becomes one when a family just isn't complete unless everyone is at home for the weekend or away on a vacation together.

So - let's pack the van, grab some friends and head back to Mexico for a silver celebration.

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