Monday, May 14, 2007

Stained Glass Cathedral Window Panel


Following a visit to Tucson, Arizona - I was inspired to create a stained glass panel in the style of the Missions that are peppered throughout the city and the southern part of Arizona.

Visiting an old Mission is truly an awakening of the five senses.

When you enter a Mission the first sense that is awakened is the sense of smell. The candles being burned have such a calming fragrance - one can't help but feel peaceful.

Followed closely is the sense of sight. The chapel is very dark - lit only by candlelight. Once your eyes adjust to the darkness - you see just how beautiful a place of worship can be.

Next would be your sense of hearing. One can hear someone softly crying at the alter while another is joyfully praising God for prayers answered.

The sense of touch is awakened when you feel the smoothness of the wooden pews which have been polished and worn for many decades.

You don't realize your sense of taste is affected until you leave the chapel and realize you continue to taste the fragrance in the candles.

I snapped a few photos of the mission and noticed that all of the windows were created from stained glass panels.

So - I made this panel as a reminder of the five senses awakened at the Mission.

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hojpoj said...

What a beautiful piece, both the glass and what you've written :D