Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well - I'm sure almost everyone has heard the expression that "Good Things Happen In Three."

When it comes to colorful stained glass sun catchers - the saying is true.

It was amusing to make these three panels because I used the same basic pattern for each of them but altered them just a wee bit.

The purple glass has a pretty clear bevel nestled into the center. This bevel will cast little rainbows of color throughout your home when exposed to sunlight.

The clear/frosted panel has a colorful nugget of vibrant red placed precisely into its center to off-set the frosted panels which surround it.

The vibrant red panel (my favorite) has a horizontal strip of clear crinkled glass - with a small opening off to the side - surrounding a clear, circular glass nugget.

So the next time you hear the expression of things happening in groups of three - think of these pretty panels.

Just as a size reference - each panel measures 7.25" square.

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