Saturday, September 22, 2007

Great-Grandma's Quilt Pattern

Almost every person in our entire family has a hand-made quilt sewn by hand from our great-grandmother who lived in Yakima, Washington.

She would make a quilt to give as a gift every time a baby was born or brought into the family.

I have my quilt. My brother has his quilt. My sister has her quilt. Both of my children have their quilts. And so on.

Well - grandma is no longer with us but her hand-made quilts and the patterns she used still are.

I don't sew all that much but I do make items from colored glass.

So - what better way to pay tribute to my great-grandma that to continue the use of her patterns in my stained glass panels.

The first photo shows the selected glass pieces uncut and ready to go.

Second photo is all pieces are cut, numbered and in place.

The third photo is the finished piece being photographed in the bright Arizona sunshine.

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Planet Janet said...

Ooooooh, I love this one! Somehow I missed seeing it before.