Monday, August 27, 2007

A Snails Pace

Do you ever feel like life is moving by at a snails pace?

I do!

My studio is currently under construction. Everything I need to work with is either in a box or stacked neatly on a shelf. (see previous post about being born under the sign of Virgo)

I have a ton of creative ideas that I want to make into glass but I can't.

I have a beautiful photograph I have of the Interlaken River taken in the autumn. The leaves in the photo are beautiful shades of red, amber and brown. The river is flowing gently next to a path that is covered with fallen leaves and there is a small bench next to the river just waiting for someone to sit down and read a book.

So as soon as all the plaster is finished, sanded and painted. As soon as the paint is dry and all the new cabinets, shelves, light fixtures and cutting stations are done. As soon as the flooring is installed and finished I can make this photograph into a stained glass panel.

In the mean time - life seems to be going by at a snails pace.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

What great pictures....and yes some days but since I past that 30 age I find that the days are going WAY too fast.

Great job.