Friday, August 17, 2007

Orange and White Fish

I recently spent a day at the shopping mall where I was drawn to the pet store.

After petting the puppies and kissing the kitties I wandered over to the aquariums to see what was swimming around.

I saw some beautiful orange and white fish swimming through the water, darting between the fake seaweed and trying to catch each other. Their colors were so vibrant. The color of orange in their stripes would catch anyones eye.

These fish seemed like the perfect model for my afternoon project in the studio.


Richard said...

A school of these would make a great mobile!

The Swiss Hut came in the mail yesterday. It looks great! Thanks for all your effort. Once we hang it up I will e-mail a picture.


TemporaryChaos said...

Fish can be an art form all to their own.
I'm proud to see someone gathering inspiration from the natural beauty of these animals.
It's is wonderful work, you've done a wonderful job with this piece.
Keep it up and as you know inspiration can come in the most unexpected places.