Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Leaf Stained Glass

I realize that in Scottsdale, Arizona the temperatures often times will exceed 100* F far past the calendar date of Autumn. Today's expected temperature is 96*. We celebrate routinely when the weatherman predicts 'less than one hundred degree days ahead!'

I can only dream of changing leaves, cool/crisp air and picking apples off the tree and eating them. I did that once! Last Fall I visited my daughter in NYC. We rented a car, drove up Long Island and stopped at a few orchards and picked some fresh fruit followed by some amazing pizza at a local eatery.

This little stained glass leaf is my memory of last year. It was fun and the colors of Autumn are wonderful.

Available here.

1 comment:

Mike W. said...

Very beautiful peice of glass, I like that one alot. I enjoy looking at all your work! Keep up the great work Vicki!