Saturday, July 23, 2011

I-19 Barn

During the six years my daughter lived in Tucson we had the opportunity to drive down to the Mexico border a few times.

Although the border towns are a bit dirty the bakeries and small shop-lined streets are fun to walk through for a few hours.

On one of our many visits driving down Highway 19 I had seen an old adobe barn off the old highway. On my last visit I realized the barn was slowly leaning to one side. I guess one could call it 'The Leaning Barn of Highway 19.'

We stopped and snapped a few photos. The clouds were cooperating with me that day and gave a lovely backdrop for the old structure.

I played around with the image in my Photomatix program and gave it an almost comic book look.

The barn has fallen to the ground and cannot be fixed. Anything made from mud, straw and water probably has a shortened life-span during the Monsoon Season.

I hope you enjoy this barn.

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