Monday, October 13, 2008

An Unusual Saguaro Cactus

Near the Scottsdale/Phoenix border in Arizona -- is a beautiful sanctuary also known as the Desert Botanical Gardens.

A large, stately Saguaro cactus greets every visitor upon entering. This is a very unusual cactus as it seems to have blossomed out of the top.

I've read about these rare oddities of nature but cannot remember the specific name of them.

Anyway, this photo was taken just before sunset with the bright, Arizona sun glowing directly behind the trunk of the cactus. A small rock formation protruded just to the right of the Saguaro.

If you look very closely at the top of the arms, you will see the silhouette of a Cactus Wren perched high in the sky. The Cactus Wren is the state bird of Arizona.

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