Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pretty Quail

In addition to working with glass -- I enjoy also enjoy photography.

Looking through the lens to see things differently is an art form in itself.

So a few days ago I was working on a glass order (see previous post) and had to take a quick break.

As I sat on the back patio I could hear what I thought was a Quail summoning the family for the 'all clear' to join him.

So I sneaked into the house, picked up my camera and went out to wait some more.

Sure enough, the little guy was up on the top of my fence. I snapped a few photos from a distance knowing that if I moved any closer he would take off.

My back yard kitty -- Bernie -- decided that no animal, furred or feathered, enters her back yard without permission.

She quickly scared the little guy away.

Al least I got a few snapshots of the pretty guy.

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Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Oh Vicki... you are NOT going to believe this, but just the other day I took some shots of a quail at our house! The pic you took is awesome!
I love quails - we have a family of them that visit often. I have it set to blog about it next week! Too funny!
Have a great weekend!
☼ Rocki