Friday, May 9, 2008

Hummingbirds for Mara's Mom

When I was in my early years in grade school -- my best friend in the whole wide world was Mara.

During childhood we spent every day walking to and from school. Weekends were fun, joyful and filled with laughter.

We drifted apart after high school. She moved forward with her life and her family. I moved forward with mine. I thought about her often with fond memories and hoped that one day we would be reconnected.

Chance brought us back together again and the past three decades have melted away.

When she was looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for her mom -- she need look no further than to me.

I created this hummingbird stained glass panel with Mara's mom on my mind. She loves these cranky, noisy little creatures so now she'll have one for her kitchen window.

Happy Mother's Day to all women who have a positive influence on children everywhere.

Happy Mother's Day to my other really good friend (BDP) who is also a really good mom.

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