Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Looking at the Shadows from the Afternoon Sun

Every afternoon at about 4:30 -- the afternoon sun shines brightly through the patio doors into my studio.

The glass simply comes alive when exposed to sunlight.

If you look very closely at the paper and glass laying on the studio table, the shadows caused by the lazy afternoon sun makes everything appear alive.

The lavender-colored paper is simply kraft paper used to wrap glass in so it doesn't get broken during shipment.

The clear-colored glass has the shape of a medallion stamped into the reverse side but the sunlight shows off the curves and floral patterns. It almost has the appearance of being a silver-colored glass.

And, last but not least, the lime-green colored wavy glass lights up like a neon light with the ripples and shadows forming perfect lines.

So take a look at the afternoon sun and see how it plays with ordinary things.

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greeneyes said...

Those are GORGEOUS patterns, textures, colors. I love the pictures on your blog. The cupcake looks delicious!