Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life is a Cabaret Old Chum

Etsy Glass Artists (EGA) is an international group of glass artists. Each artist in the group has an active store on etsy.com.

Every month EGA will be challenging each of the members to create a piece of glass work based on that month's theme.

The theme for the month of February in 'Cabaret' chosen by protege .

Taking the theme an mulling on it for awhile -- I imagined many people at the theater, dressed in black, sitting patiently waiting for the show to begin.

So take a look at the photos above and imagine yourself sitting at the theater, under the bright lights with the curtains surrounding the stage.

Note there is one couple sitting off by themselves to stage right. Someone always feel a little bit more entitled than the rest of the group.

In my world -- these people are known as snobs.

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adrienne trafford said...

Vicki, it's been a while since i've come in and look around and i'm always so pleased and happy i did - this piece is so clever - i love the circles and squares combination and your description is so funny too!