Saturday, November 3, 2007

Glass Bamboo

This glass panel was crafted using a beautiful piece of Bamboo-style architectural glass.

The center panel is a bit thicker and heavier than glass commonly used in stained glass panels. This center piece weighs more than 2.5 pounds alone.

I've surrounded the bamboo sculpted center piece of glass with some whispy green and white pieces of stained glass.

Trying to match the bamboo theme in the center - I chose a color of natural leaves to frame the piece.

In the first photograph you can see the clear panel set against a backdrop of grey concrete to capture the detail in the sculpture of the glass.

The second photograph was taken inside the home with a backdrop of a knotty pine porch in the background.

The entire piece measures 14.5" wide by 12.0" high. I've completed the piece with a dark pewter finish and attached a black chain for hanging convenience.

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