Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Swiss Glass in Progress

So, the progress of the Swiss Glass piece is coming along nicely.

The first order of business is to print a copy of the photograph onto a sheet of white paper and copy the lines into shapes that can be cut in glass.

After printing a copy of Richard's photo onto a piece of plain paper (for color reference when shopping at the glass store) I take the three-mile trip down the road to my favorite place to shop.

The second photograph shows the aisles and aisles of different sized, shapes, textures and colors of glass that is available. This is one aisle of five so you can get an idea of exactly how much of a selection of glass is available.

The third photo was taken in the studio on top of the cutting table. Each piece of glass is cut based on color, texture and how the glass will fit visually into the final piece.

Stay tuned for additional photos. I'll finish cutting the glass and fitting it into the pattern which was drawn.


Richard said...

Wow. The gorgosity of it all. The glass store nearly made my head come off ;)



Planet Janet said...

I'm really, really impressed with this. It's very special. I think it will turn out to be amazing.