Sunday, July 8, 2007

This is a large stained glass panel of a pretty bird flying over the desert floor just as the rain begins to fall from the clouds above.

A woman living near the base of the San Tan Mountain in Queen Creek, Arizona asked me to design and make a pretty stained glass piece for her very bright, empty window.

So using the colors of the desert and inspiration from the pretty cactus and beautiful sunsets, I made this panel for her.

According to Jan, she waited nearly 2.5 years before she had a panel made. She knew she wanted something pretty but couldn't find the right person for the task.

Wouldn't you know - her husband now wants to sell the house and move back to the farm in Iowa. I guess he really misses the country life.

Shhh - don't tell her but I'm making a smaller, easy-to-take-with-her piece so she can remember the pretty saguaro cactus while looking over the fields of corn. This will be my little departing gift to her.

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