Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kitty Gifts

Have you ever had a kitty that likes to bring you presents?

Bernie - my rebel kitty - loves to bring me gifts.

I keep both of my kitties inside during the nighttime hours but they are free to roam the back yard during the day.

Usually after coming home from a hard day at work, both of the kitties will greet me at the front door and compete for affection.

Somehow they have come to believe that the kitty that brings the best gift will get the most love.

So - I come into the house, grab a glass of something cold (it is 115* outside) and sit down to cool off.

Well, here comes Bernie with a muffled meow. I look down to see what is in her mouth and she drops the big, black/brown pinching beetle bug at my feet.

So, after squealing and jumping 10-feet into the air, I come to realize that unless I capture this little critter - it will soon hide itself somewhere in my house.

I grab a glass to cover the creature until my hubby gets home to remove it from the house. Bernie doesn't like that idea. She sits patiently in the distance just waiting for me to leave the room so she can re-claim the prize.

Just as expected -- I walked down the hallway to check on my son -- and CRASH! Bernie has tipped over the glass and is playing with the beetle again.



Stop It!

At least she loves me.

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