Thursday, May 17, 2007

First Four Finished

University of Arizona Alumni!

Christi finished her first four years of college and is so happy she had to give dad a great big hug.

Christi - the little 6-year-old girl who would take a flashlight under her covers during the nighttime hours to 'read' the dictionary.

Dad - the guy who started reading story books to Christi when she was three weeks old.

Mom - the gal who made a deal with 6-year-old Christi -- "If you read them, I will buy them".

Grandpa - the guy who taught Christi common sense and how to drive.

Grandma - the gal who supplied the funds for summer camp at the U of A.

Tyler - the brother who tormented her continuously.

Kitties Molly, Lavender and Radar - the gals who provided love and snuggles during finals.

Lizzie - the gal who was always happy to greet Christi with a kiss.

Now that the first four years of higher educatioon is finally behind her - Christi will step back, re-group and look ahead to which school will be the lucky recepient of her application for the Master's Program. Her goal is to obtain her Master's in Library Sciences and surround herself with books for the rest of her life.

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